2017-2018 School Year Results

Partnered with three schools, Henderson, Boushall, and Lucille Brown Middle Schools, serving 555 students.

  • 49% of participants improved or maintained positive attendance
  • 85% of participants improved or maintained positive behavior
  • 62% of participants improved by 1 letter grade or maintained the same grade of C or above in English
  • 63% of participants improved by 1 letter grade or maintained the same grade of C or above in Math


Improve youth access to quality expanded learning opportunities during out-of-school time.

Provided 306 hours of expanded learning time as well as wrap-around health & human services for 555 middle school youth at Henderson, Boushall and Lucille Brown Middle Schools through a coordinated after-school system of 41 local youth organizations.


Increase length of youth participation in quality OST (out-of-school time) learning.

On average, NextUp students participated in 42 days of quality program during the school year. Research says students who participate in after school programs for 30 days or more have better outcomes than non-participants.


Provide high-quality programs and support quality improvement.

In partnership with United Way and VCU’s Mary and Frances Youth Center, NextUp sponsored quality assessment and improvement services for 46 instructors. The Average Instructional Quality Score for YPQI sponsored programs was 3.6, exceeding the national threshold of 3.0.




  • 77% agreed that NextUp helped them make new friends
  • 83% of NextUp youth agreed that NextUp helped them find out what they’re good at doing and what they liked to do
  • 86% said there is an adult in NextUp who they can listen to and respect
  • 86% agree that coming to NextUp has helped them do better in school


  • 98% of families agree that NextUp is a safe place for their child.
  • 98% of families believe NextUp has had a positive influence on their child.


  • 96% of providers feel adequately supported by their Site Coordinating and NextUp Leadership Team
  • 97% of providers would recommend NextUp to other program providers


Die mitarbeiter und studenten der abteilung empfingen den hochschullehrer mit groer entdecken diese herzlichkeit und groem interesse.