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Our Collective Impact & Goals

Our vision is that Richmond’s youth will thrive in school, at home and in the community.

Studies show that structured Out-of-School Time (OST) programs make a positive difference in the lives of students and their families, and in the communities where they live and grow. Quality programs designed to offer experiences that supplement and support school-based education often lead to better school attendance, behavior and course performance. Also, quality OST programs provide a safe place to receive academic support and develop interests, passions and social skills.

We believe that the better coordinated our community’s efforts are, the more students can access programs, and the more students can be served, the stronger our community will be.

  • More student participation in high-quality OST programs
  • Superior student outcomes, including:
    – Increased school attendance
    – Higher grades in key courses
    – Reduced behavioral incidents
    – Increased social and emotional well-being
  • Better communication and collaboration among schools, service providers, city officials, students and families
  • More efficient use of school and community resources, and a more sustainable funding model

Youth outcomes

Youth outcomes for students who participated in 30 days or more.

behavioral outcomes
academic outcomes

of youth improved or maintained positive attendance



of youth had positive school attendance (attended school 95% of the time or more). 



of youth improved or maintained positive behavior (decrease or zero behavior infractions).



of youth had fewer than 2 behavior infractions.


Program Year Feedback

National Resources

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