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NextUp RVA is a system of community leaders and service providers committed to putting more youth on the path to success. We coordinate and fund year-round enrichment programs. We also promote awareness, sponsor program providers’ development, and strengthen the overall policies that shape out-of-school time.

Parents should complete an interest form here with their email address, their child’s name, date of birth and school. Once the child’s information is verified by RPS, parents will receive an email with instructions to register in our secured, online Parent Portal.

After the registration is completed, parents will be directed to NextUp’s Online Portal Website where they and their child can view detailed descriptions of classes, select classes of interest, and receive the Zoom links to join classes. 

RPS partners with NextUp in creating a full- day learning experience for each child and sharing this information can help us better serve him or her. Additionally, this information will help us understand whether or not the program is having a positive impact on children’s academic, social, and emotional well-being. NextUp follows all FERPA and COPPA  guidelines and uses a data system that is FERPA and COPPA compliant.

NextUp provides opportunities for youth to expand their learning beyond the school day through a variety of enrichment activities that ensure they’re productive, engaged and having fun! Through these experiences, youth are able to engage in direct, hands-on learning and exploration of their interests, have freedom, structure and safety in all activities, have the opportunity to meet new friends, new role models, and to make new connections; as well having exposure to new inspirations, new talents, and new goals.

NextUp programs are offered at no cost to RPS families.  This is possible because NextUp is a nonprofit organization supported by many donors including the City of Richmond.

NextUp works directly with school principals to organize daily academic support, electives, field trips, and service projects to students through contracts with vetted program providers. By enhancing academic and developmental progress for RPS students, NextUp’s intent is to create a stronger learning culture both in and out of the classroom. From leadership to logistics, the focus of NextUp is on improving student outcomes, both academically and socially.

When school is in session, enrichments are delivered right at the school or nearby.

Organizations desiring to partner with NextUp to deliver enrichment programs are vetted through an annual RFP process.  More information can be found on the “Program Provider” tab on the NextUp website.

Providers tap into NextUp’s shared marketing, sponsored trainings, funding and coordinated registration system. NextUp increases the reach of services while eliminating the risk of fragmented or duplicated services.

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