Afterschool and Summer Learning Systems Rise to the Challenge of Summer Learning in 2020

Priscilla M. Little, Senior Consultant, Big Picture Approach Training & Consulting, The Forum for Youth Investment & Jill Young, Senior Researcher, Youth Development and Supportive Learning Environments, American Institutes for Research

The Readiness Projects Coordinating Partners’ latest blog, “Summer. Learning. Loss. Leadership.,” asserts that “transformational opportunities are never planned.” But, when your community has a well-coordinated approach to afterschool and summer learning, there is already a mechanism in place that can be activated to respond to unplanned events. As communities gear up for summer 2020, afterschool and summer learning systems are once again demonstrating the power of partnerships to galvanize entire networks of providers so they can rise to the challenge of addressing summer and learning in the context of COVID-19.


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