Every Hour Counts Measurement Framework

The Every Hour Counts Measurement Framework is designed to serve as a blueprint for understanding the impact of programs on youth outcomes, making improvements at the system and program levels, and influencing policy. More here:


ExpandED Schools National Demonstration: Lessons for Scale and Sustainability

In 2011, ExpandED Schools (formerly TASC) launched a national demonstration of its ExpandED Schools initiative in 10 elementary and middle schools in New York City, Baltimore and New Orleans. ExpandED Schools helps each school partner with a strong youth-serving community organization, such as a settlement house or community development corporation, to add three hours to the conventional six-and-a-half hour school day. Teachers and principals coalesce with their community partners into powerful teams that support students cognitively, physically and emotionally.
This report presents findings from the fourth year of this project — evaluated by Policy Studies Associates (PSA), ExpandED Schools’s external evaluator for the national demonstration — as schools begin to break from the outdated, 19th-century school calendar. More here:


Summary of Analyses Related to Nashville After Zone Alliance Program Outcomes

In 2014, American Institutes for Research conducted an evaluation of Nashville Afterschool Zone Academy (NAZA). The report provides findings on how NAZA programs are implementing programming with fidelity to quality practices; increasing youth participation as a result of these high quality practices; and supporting outcomes related to school attendance, school behavior and academics. Findings show a correlations between regular participation in high-quality NAZA programs an improved school attendance, fewer behavior incidents, and improved math and science grades. More here:


AfterZone: Outcomes for Youth Participating in Providence’s Citywide After-School System

This executive summary highlights the main findings from our participation and outcomes analysis of the AfterZone initiative a citywide system-building effort in Providence, RI, that aims to provide high-quality, accessible out-of-school-time services to middle school youth. More here:


Afterschool Program Quality and Student Outcomes; Reflections on Positive Key Findings on Learning and Development from Recent Research

This article is an excerpt from the book, Expanding Minds and Opportunities: Leveraging the Power of Afterschool and Summer Learning for Student Success. The author reflects on selected research from her own study of the field in recent years. In her estimation, based on years of examination, high quality expanded learning programs are essential to the learning process because they provide young people with opportunities to relate to their world in new ways. Strong programs foster an orientation of being open to novel experiences, of being interested in others and the world, of being inquisitive and creative, and, ultimately, of becoming lifelong learners. More here:

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